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DERO Tip Bot

The DERO Tip Bot is a Discord bot made in Java using the Krobot Framework and ArangoDB.

How to build

git clone https://git.dero.io/slixe/dero-tipbot.git
cd dero-tipbot
git clone https://github.com/krobot-framework/krobot.git
./gradlew fatJar
  • The final executable jar is in build/libs folder.

How to launch

  • If you want to set the bot token as argument, just replace the [bot_token] with your current application’s bot token from here. If you do not pass it as an argument, the program will ask you for it at launch.

    java -jar "DERO - TipBot-all-1.0.0.jar" [bot_token]
  • Your bot token will be saved in the .token file.

  • You must configure arango.json, general.json and wallet.json in the generated folder config.


  • Auto launch on start for wallet
  • Configurable Embed message (icon, color).
  • Configurable messages
  • Notify when receiving a deposit
  • Network information


Public commands:
  • /balance
  • /withdraw
  • /help
  • /info
  • /tip

Administrators commands:

  • /shutdown-wallet
  • /shutdown-bot
  • /give (for debug only)