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### Enable SSL
There are two ways to enable SSL on DERO Benchmarks:
- You can make a reverse proxy using NGINX (or another one) for example.
- You can directly activate it in the config.json file

For the second solution, you will need to generate a Java keystore file (.jks).
To create a java keystore file from an already existing certificate, please refer [here](

For more examples: [here](

once this step is done, just configure the "config.json" file.
"port": 8080,
"enableSSL": true,
"keystoreFile": "keystore.jks",
"secret": ""
`keystoreFile` is the path to your file. If it is in the same folder as the application, you can simply specify the file name as above.
`secret` is the password needed for the keystore file.

## Frontend
First you will need to change the value of `Vue.prototype.$api` with your API address (so the IP address/domain name where your backend is running) in the `src/main.js` file.