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# DERO Benchmarks

DERO Benchmarks allows you to list each user's benchmarks. Admins can manually confirm/delete each user's benchmarks from a dedicated page.

The backend part uses the [Paladin Framework]( and is made in Java.

The frontend part uses [VueJS Framework]( and [Vuetify]( and can be found in [dero-benchmark-vue]( folder.

# How to start
To start, you will need to build the backend and frontend separately.

## Backend
First, you must have a java version higher or equal to Java 8.
To compile the backend, do the following command:
gradlew fatJar
The executable jar file will be found in `build/libs/` folder.
To execute it, all you'll have to do is:
java -jar dero-benchmarks.jar

Edit the `config.json` file to put the port on which the server should listen.

### Create User
Edit the file `admins.json`, an example is created in it.
If you want the application to hash your password, replace `"hashedPassword"` with `"password"`.

Example of `admins.json`:
"username": "Slixe",
"password": "password123",
"salt": "salt123"

## Frontend
First you will need to change the value of `Vue.prototype.$api` with your API address (so the IP address/domain name where your backend is running) in the `src/main.js` file.

Then, to build the frontend:
yarn run build
The result will be available in the `dist` folder and all you have to do is move its content to a web server.

# Screenshots
Some screenshots of the current design.

### Index

### Submit

### Login

### Unconfirmed Benchmarks (admin page)