A simple paper wallet generator for Dero HE in wasm
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DHE Wallet Paper Generator


This is a simple paper wallet generator destined for Web Developer who whant create their own paper wallet generator with the new format Dero HE address.

Installation From Source

  1. Install nodeJs v15.12.0
  2. Install golang 1.15.7
  3. Run the command go get git.dero.io/b9ron/walletpaper
  4. Set the local var export GO111MODULE=off
  5. If you want compile main.wasm, execute the command bash build.sh



node index.mjs



  • Generate two 32 bytes PaymentID from the dero HE addres, that can be used for pre Initial Coin Offering. (A participant to a pre-ico should send 2 identical payment, first one with id_a and a second one with the id_b, then Developers from the pre ico will include those address in the future Smart Contract when the mainnet will be ready.)


  • Initial release