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  Captain 812569fa6f Version update. 4 years ago
  Captain d08d8463d7 rpc_get_transfer_by_txid updated to mainnet. 4 years ago
  Captain b5f17a7871 Fixed value reading for SCs using RPC 4 years ago
  Captain Dero 29880ae0a1 Tampered amount sending bug fix. 4 years ago
  Captain Dero 225dce5582 Stargate wallet balance fix 4 years ago
  Captain Dero 7d5a293876 Merge branch 'master' of https://git.dero.io/DeroProject/derosuite_stargate 4 years ago
  Captain Dero a13d677050 Dero Stargate SC update1 4 years ago
  Captain 3bc34a9c12 Update 'cmd/dvm/lottery.bas' 4 years ago
  Captain Dero 05c5a9b455 Initial Dero-Stargate release of Smart Contracts 4 years ago
  Captain Dero bd8ad8207f Added docker support for Dero daemon. 4 years ago
  Captain Dero d9c6508e7c Added nohup support to run daemon & wallet in background. 4 years ago
  Captain Dero fc4a329a44 Support added for creating offline transaction for cold wallets. 4 years ago
  Captain Dero 2b5a431a98 Support of 8 bytes Payment ID added in wallet rpc interface. 4 years ago
  Captain Dero 9c6dd25e09 2.1.6-2.alpha.atlantisNightly+31102018 4 years ago
  Captain Dero 0d16af5fce 2.1.6-1.alpha.atlantisNightly+31102018 4 years ago
  Captain Dero 15caac4712 2.1.6-0.alpha.atlantisNightly+30102018 4 years ago
  Captain Dero 06df0d79d1 Version 2.1.5-0.alpha.atlantis+10102018 4 years ago
  Captain Dero 82347c0146 Version 2.1.4-0.alpha.atlantis+04102018 4 years ago
  Captain Dero 41760bcb0e Version 2.1.3-0.alpha.atlantis+28092018 4 years ago
  Captain Dero cf4c311ecb Version 2.1.2-1.alpha.atlantis+28092018 4 years ago
  Captain Dero 813c580a7d Version 2.1.2-0.alpha.atlantis+28092018 4 years ago
  CaptainDero ed2cd30be9
Updated seed nodes. 4 years ago
  Captain Dero 05081d365b Hardfork 3 Ready 2.1.0-0.alpha.atlantis+19092018 4 years ago
  CaptainDero 6435d2230e
Dero bulletproofs update. 4 years ago
  CaptainDero 82a4ab3277
Readme Updated. 4 years ago
  CaptainDero 7614209059
Atlantis Readme update. 4 years ago
  Captain 947689cafa Minor Readme update. 4 years ago
  Captain cd19d0f73a Atlantis v2.0.1 4 years ago
  CaptainDero cd38997375
Readme Updated. 5 years ago
  CaptainDero 759ca2389b
Readme Update 5 years ago
  CaptainDero 7256a46293
Input maturity fix 5 years ago
  Captain Dero 1306ecda41 Total Circulating Supply added in status cmd. 5 years ago
  CaptainDero 0cac4916fc
Readme updated. 5 years ago
  CaptainDero 995d27eec2
README Updated. 5 years ago
  CaptainDero 584abac62f
README updated. 5 years ago
  Captain Dero 9687ad9cb4 Derosuite Status Update Release 2 5 years ago
  CaptainDero 1b915c1aaa
Typos 5 years ago
  CaptainDero 4a62bda3cb
Update README.md 5 years ago
  CaptainDero a8dcd8f7f9
Sample Working Image Added. 5 years ago
  CaptainDero dae548c3be
Added Precompiled Binaries links. 5 years ago
  CaptainDero 96d38d9434
Build Notes added. 5 years ago
  Captain Dero a390b5e235 Status update release 1 5 years ago
  CaptainDero 5656ea7598
Typos fixed 5 years ago
  Captain Dero 4338c40920 Initial Commit 5 years ago
  CaptainDero 3ef12d4b06
Initial commit 5 years ago