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  Captain 880787c968 Removed ssl ports for errors. 2 years ago
  Captain b2d3e03640 Pool updated for DeroKnight algo to support both ASIC and GPU mining. 2 years ago
  Captain c5a0ffbdf2 Minor changes to reflect Dero Pool site. 2 years ago
  Captain 82143c2f2e Syntax error fixed. 4 years ago
  Captain fe1f997685 Proxy support added. 4 years ago
  Captain 1dbca66ed3 Updated to reflect Dero. 4 years ago
  Captain a4710c9b1b Pool crash fix when miner is undefined. 4 years ago
  Captain 5d6941353b Pool block explorer links converted to open with hash instead of block id. 4 years ago
  Captain f775d1d83e DERO Atlantis pool 4 years ago
  SadBatman b65762b378 Fix error that occurs when the monitor thread hasn't run. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 3299bf1d44 Make the stats_address response cachable. This is an expensive call and 4 years ago
  SadBatman c98c1f6249 Show the current effort on the current block 4 years ago
  SadBatman c7a0253d46 Update table header to contain payments 4 years ago
  SadBatman 1e2705e4f3 Also show number of payments in the monitoring overview. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 9a73cc640d Show the total payments in the statistics page. 4 years ago
  SadBatman ba87398123 Show the number of payments in the admin page. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 9c44459847 Remove obsolete files. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 84b628aef6 Add the system load to the pool stats. This allows miners to see whether 4 years ago
  SadBatman e6c900ab85 Update node version 4 years ago
  SadBatman fa0567c26f
Merge pull request #34 from yrjo/master 4 years ago
  Yrjo aa47877489 SSL howto and example config for nginx with ssl 4 years ago
  SadBatman 6b5c9464b2 Update dev donation address 4 years ago
  SadBatman ccd861c6f2 Fix duplicate port. 4 years ago
  SadBatman dd791ea4bb Do not perform an additional fetch for the charts data as it's already 4 years ago
  SadBatman 89671b0c70 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:SadBatman/cryptonote-sumokoin-pool 4 years ago
  SadBatman fef489a995 Remove excessive rescheduling of the stats_address handling. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 7911b684b4
Merge pull request #22 from SadBatman/release 4 years ago
  SadBatman b84b57db6f Merge branch 'master' into release 4 years ago
  SadBatman 4f67c05660 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:SadBatman/cryptonote-sumokoin-pool 4 years ago
  SadBatman 3facc9dfe7 Improve error handling of cryptonator API requests. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 8f62dbd25c Merge branch 'master' into release 4 years ago
  SadBatman 869bfb8612 Update the project link in the bottom toolbar. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 8b3445a2ec Add missing SSL key/crt configuration options 4 years ago
  SadBatman 9193e9f6f7
Merge pull request #17 from SadBatman/release 4 years ago
  SadBatman 749b2c25b0 Update the outdated documentation. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 340c1b647a Fix typo 4 years ago
  SadBatman ff04d85bbc Improve the instructions for configuring a worker name. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 9e5b3da16c Add Worker Stats to the menu and make Support a drop down menu. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 6fc124c580 Remove old graphs when "Show" is pressed. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 112629cbf5 Create a graph for every worker and automatically load the graphs. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 2e233586c4 Only push addresses that have a worker name. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 7673f7588e Add a first - incomplete - worker statistics page. 4 years ago
  SadBatman c34c140a81 Add the worker names to the address stats handler. 4 years ago
  SadBatman a9089c6664 Only count the hashrate of wallet addresses (thus without the 4 years ago
  SadBatman 4248b462f3 Allow a worker name to be set. 4 years ago
  SadBatman f62f2863a6 Properly display the hashrate unit. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 582528fe19 Reload address stats every 2 seconds instead of instantly. 4 years ago
  SadBatman d25e752988 Manually revert paymentProcessor change. 4 years ago
  SadBatman e394f5415b Count the amount of payments a worker receives. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 5d3301f504 Update the logo. 4 years ago