Looks some GO compiler bug. Please see below for more details to validate and confirm about bug.
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21 lines

  1. #!/bin/bash
  2. unset GOPATH
  3. #run plugin directly to see correct result
  4. go run plugin/plugin.go
  5. #compile as plugin
  6. go build -buildmode=plugin -o /tmp/plugin.so ../compiler_bug/plugin/
  7. #running plugin will trigger error
  8. go run runplugin/main.go
  9. #However, if the plugin is compiled with generic tag (To disable asm code, the bug doesn't occur), Some register corruption occurs due to wrong code being generated.
  10. #go build -buildmode=plugin -tags generic -o /tmp/plugin.so ../compiler_bug/plugin/
  11. #running plugin will not cause an error
  12. #go run runplugin/main.go