pool.dero.io Dero pool source for mining Dero.
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Sumokoin fork credits

The sumo fork; all new features and code improvements have been made possible by the following team:

  • SadBatman
  • Mad Jester
  • Robert Kesior

Original Credits

  • LucasJones - Co-dev on this project; did tons of debugging for binary structures and fixing them. Pool couldn’t have been made without him.
  • surfer43 - Did lots of testing during development to help figure out bugs and get them fixed
  • wallet42 - Funded development of payment denominating and min threshold feature
  • Wolf0 - Helped try to deobfuscate some of the daemon code for getting a bug fixed
  • Tacotime - helping with figuring out certain problems and lead the bounty for this project’s creation
  • fancoder Initial cryptonote-universal-pool creator
    • BTC: 1667jMt7NTZDaC8WXAxtMYBR8DPWCVoU4d-
    • MRO: 48Y4SoUJM5L3YXBEfNQ8bFNsvTNsqcH5Rgq8RF7BwpgvTBj2xr7CmWVanaw7L4U9MnZ4AG7U6Pn1pBhfQhFyFZ1rL1efL8z
  • clintar Updates to support nodejs >0.10 and continuing updates License