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  Captain 5d6941353b Pool block explorer links converted to open with hash instead of block id. 4 years ago
  Captain f775d1d83e DERO Atlantis pool 4 years ago
  SadBatman c98c1f6249 Show the current effort on the current block 4 years ago
  SadBatman c7a0253d46 Update table header to contain payments 4 years ago
  SadBatman 1e2705e4f3 Also show number of payments in the monitoring overview. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 9a73cc640d Show the total payments in the statistics page. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 84b628aef6 Add the system load to the pool stats. This allows miners to see whether 4 years ago
  SadBatman dd791ea4bb Do not perform an additional fetch for the charts data as it's already 4 years ago
  SadBatman fef489a995 Remove excessive rescheduling of the stats_address handling. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 869bfb8612 Update the project link in the bottom toolbar. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 340c1b647a Fix typo 4 years ago
  SadBatman ff04d85bbc Improve the instructions for configuring a worker name. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 9e5b3da16c Add Worker Stats to the menu and make Support a drop down menu. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 6fc124c580 Remove old graphs when "Show" is pressed. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 112629cbf5 Create a graph for every worker and automatically load the graphs. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 7673f7588e Add a first - incomplete - worker statistics page. 4 years ago
  SadBatman f62f2863a6 Properly display the hashrate unit. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 582528fe19 Reload address stats every 2 seconds instead of instantly. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 5d3301f504 Update the logo. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 93a096f9c6 Disable payment estimation when the block reward is 0 4 years ago
  SadBatman 5faff75644 Remove longpoll option from address stats collection. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 7e0429f0c9 Make the payout estimate visible in the miner stats 4 years ago
  SadBatman 0073bdda57 Fixed typo. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 7c2f7a78d4 Remove the tooltip. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 7410532ffd Update the settings form with payout level fields. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 4e65cfb09f Add pool description. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 27f26c7c10 Remove the IRC client. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 87d85a3cc0 Display pool ports in a table to improve formatting. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 0ad7f04427 Revert "Merge branch 'ssl_config_update' into pool.sumokoin.ch" 4 years ago
  SadBatman 5179961876 Revert "Merge branch 'notifications_pr'" 4 years ago
  SadBatman 483db34beb Update formatting of the welcome message. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 02e9ff0d1c Add styling for the warning/info messages displayed to used. 4 years ago
  SadBatman da6b145619 Add proper icon for the settings page. 4 years ago
  SadBatman c8e7d453b9 Rename "notifications" to "settings and request the owner of a sumo 4 years ago
  SadBatman 1644bca128 Add a bit more text to the email templates. They can use some more work 4 years ago
  SadBatman 27f0fd6d67 Update config and theme 4 years ago
  SadBatman f9a11e88ce Fix config.js 4 years ago
  SadBatman 0467185c03 Add a warning message on the pool site when the pool health is bad. 4 years ago
  Sumoshi Tanaka cfbf9a5a5a Update mining tool info 5 years ago
  Sumoshi Tanaka fe8e30e3cb Update theme for Sumokoin 5 years ago
  Sumoshi Tanaka 33592d81fe Update configs 5 years ago
  Sumoshi Tanaka f44222d107 Change default color theme 5 years ago
  clintar f3af1f21a0 move website to website-example to avoid conflicts 6 years ago
  fancoder 2b56da2193 Update admin.html 8 years ago
  pmitchev 5d50b35c98 Added support to {symbol} variable in Cryptonator 8 years ago
  pmitchev 02e2b39ec8 Added support {symbol} variable in Cryptonator 8 years ago
  fancoder 81a9793c0f Fix charts tooltip values (resolves #12) 8 years ago
  fancoder b5a3b0cba6 Added correct float to string conversion on frontend 8 years ago
  fancoder 53d3dd4fba Fixes #12 - wrong payments chart order & JS error on #pool_blocks 8 years ago
  fancoder 6f934ec211 Added donations multi-coin support & pool version display 8 years ago