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  SadBatman aed35930dc Hook custom payout level into the payment processor. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 0ad7f04427 Revert "Merge branch 'ssl_config_update' into pool.sumokoin.ch" 4 years ago
  SadBatman 5179961876 Revert "Merge branch 'notifications_pr'" 4 years ago
  SadBatman 66b01c273f Link back to the settings page. 4 years ago
  SadBatman 0fe5e112cf fix typo 4 years ago
  SadBatman 1644bca128 Add a bit more text to the email templates. They can use some more work 4 years ago
  SadBatman fc20b49d50 Update email calls to use a template. 4 years ago
  SadBatman d3dfdfe1d8 Introduce email templates and some configuration knobs for emailing. 4 years ago