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  SadBatman 34b32847b3 Document the addressPrefix option. 5 years ago
  SadBatman 11f39cb4f0 Cleanup the documentation. 5 years ago
  SadBatman 9864847668 Add subaddress support to the changelist 5 years ago
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  SadBatman d900c14423 Document the SSL key/certificate options. 5 years ago
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  SadBatman 646b785401 Describe what's new. 5 years ago
  SadBatman f80db4b07c Add an SSL enabled port to the example configuration and document the key/cert locations. 5 years ago
  SadBatman 29f33f9f3b When you run the pool behind a reverse proxy; the authorisation logic will 5 years ago
  billaue2 a71fc8dc2a Add option to enable dynamic fee (paid by miners) 6 years ago
  clintar a9be4050c2 update READM.md with info I've forgotten 7 years ago
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  fancoder c2a9aae907 Added "poolServer.fixedDiff" option in /config.json 9 years ago
  fancoder 5fca686571 Added payments.maxTransactionAmount option 9 years ago
  fancoder 780277d9ee Add universal blocks and transactions explorer 9 years ago
  fancoder a1c1c5aec6 Added pool installation instructions for Ubuntu 14 9 years ago
  fancoder ae1b27c6d2 Set base name to cryptonote-universal-pool 9 years ago
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  Matthew Little 288dcfc51e Minor readme update 9 years ago
  Matthew Little 59a29c2811 Added payments page tab (w/ payments to address lookup) & core dev donations 9 years ago
  Matthew Little f0717a3646 Store payment information in redis for future front-end display usage 9 years ago
  Matthew Little ec93551a2b Front-end performance updates and minor tweaks 9 years ago
  Matthew Little 00c940ce05 More modular front-end architecture. Fixed total # of blocks bug and other display issues. 9 years ago
  Matthew Little b4f49e953a [REDIS DATA BREAKING CHANGES] More efficient block storage format for redis. Limited number of blocks sent to front-end. Expanded admin page. More realistic 'luck' value. Run redisBlocksUpgrade.js script to convert block data to new format. 9 years ago
  Matthew Little a65984326a Minor readme update 9 years ago
  Matthew Little 721004486b Vardiff completely rewrote, should increase/decrease more reliably 9 years ago
  Matthew Little 100da955c6 Added single module mode 9 years ago
  Matthew Little 4d64af99b4 Minor change in how website config is setup 9 years ago
  Matthew Little 4893d5b579 Update README.md 9 years ago
  Sergey 7973f1d31c Added link to xminingpool.com in README.md 9 years ago
  Matthew Little f06c166c9c Added option to donate a block reward % to pool dev 9 years ago